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Karen Pittman

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A pregnancy is “full term” from 39-40 weeks, and “late term” at 41 weeks. Those are medical terms used by doctors. But anti-abortion rights activists use “late-term abortion” to describe abortions that happen at 15 or 20 weeks, or even earlier — deliberately equating an abortion halfway through pregnancy with a pregnancy ready for delivery. This isn’t an accident: It’s another lie they tell to scare people, spread misinformation, and shame pregnant people for the decisions we make about our own bodies. 

Karen Pittman

Dear Representative Pittman,

I am writing to you today as someone who supported your pro-life campaign, I am more than disappointed to see you voted in against the Heartbeat Bill.  

2024 Abortion Petition

But, Moody claims, the ballot initiative is an effort to “hoodwink” voters and she calls the all-American democratic practice of activism to secure rights, “war.” Florida voters are being hoodwinked alright. But it’s not by women seeking access to safe, legal abortion. It’s by a Florida GOP doing the bidding of the wealthy, ultra-conservative Christian lobby buying political power — and doesn’t care if studies show that the women most affected by abortion bans are poor and dark-skinned.

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An extremely grave initiative is underway in Florida that seeks to erase pro-life protections by banning government regulation of abortion in our state constitution. A network of abortion activists is working to gather petition signatures to have a pro-abortion constitutional amendment, titled Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion, placed on the statewide ballot for the November 2024 election. In order to do so, they need nearly 900,000 signatures and are working right now in communities across Florida to collect them. 

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Petition, 2024 Abortion Petition
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  • There is one and only one goal for the educational system… to prepare children to enter careers to be productive members of society …. We are trying to figure out how to make our children as successful as possible.  It is not a counseling session, not a place to ‘find yourself’ … we should not be led by the children.

  • Children are dependents- they depend on use who are supposed to have fully developed brains, you cannot feel your way through life, 

Nancy Jacobs

Nancy Jacobs faces four charges of wrongful conduct during her successful bid to unseat then-Circuit Judge Jared Smith, and two charges related to conduct since the election.

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BOSTON – Social-emotional learning (SEL) has been billed as a transformational tool that will propel students to greater academic achievement and personal fulfillment.  Unfortunately, as a new Pioneer Institute study on social-emotional leaning makes clear, the research evidence to back up these claims is thin and unpersuasive. Moreover, the risks SEL poses to student privacy and health are significant.

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Kathy Castor

Thank you for contacting me regarding abortion legislation. I appreciate you taking the time to share your views with me.