Substance Abuse

Abuse and misuse of drugs whether it is legal drugs such as alcohol, over-the-counter drugs & prescription drugs, or illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, synthetic drugs... or marijuana which now is legal in some states are destroying the lives of not only the people using the drugs but their families and communities.

Alcohol is the fourth cause of preventable deaths.

Prescription drugs misuse causes more deaths than car crashes per year in the United States.

Marijuana a plant that can be grown in a backyard or even inside a house or nursery is attempted to be regulated in states that have legalized it via legislation or popular vote. Much less being labeled a medicine by some but clearly not by the medical field nor by any scientific or modern medicine standards. In states that have legalized marijuana for "medical" or street use have had a significant INCREASE IN YOUTH USAGE, ADDICTION, FATAL CAR CRASHES, HOSPITALIZATION, ER VISITS, HOMELESS POPULATION, CRIME, AND WORK RELATED ACCIDENTS & ABSENTEEISM... Delayed outcomes increase in high school dropout rates, decrease in college entries, increase in insurance rates (residential & commercial), increase in workman's compensation rates, increase in police & sheriff costs, increase in mental health needs.....

Given all the issues, risks and consequences of alcohol and prescription drugs both legal drugs does it really make sense to legalize and attempting ot relate another drug that can be grown in someone's backyard.  Protect our children, families and highways educate our communities.  The TRUTH is marijuana is a harmful, dangerous, unpredictable drug that often leads to stronger drug use.




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Information on the disease of addiction and the recovery process. In addition pill charts & facts and resouces for parents, teens, teachers....

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States, with 22.2 million users. But the types of marijuana available today are more potent than before and come in many forms, including oils that can be vaped, and edibles, from brownies and candy to sodas. This leaves many with a lot of questions about marijuana use and its health effects.

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The vision of More2Life is clear and simple, to help students make healthy choices. Since 1998 that has been achieved by providing in-school and after-school presentations throughout Pinellas County to over 130,000 students! More2Life presentations are fun and interactive while our Educators cover important topics such as goal setting, healthy relationships, influences and consequences.

At National DEC, we believe the best way to address the needs of drug endangered children is a coordinated approach that puts kids’ needs first.

An educational resources to better understand the truth about marijuana.  Today's media and society promoted marijuana use as harmless and "normal."  There is nothing normal about walking around with impaired abilities to reason & process thoughts, memory issues, delayed coordination, tunnel vision, paranoia, mild anxiety, propensity to trigger schizophrenia and other mental health issues, racing heart, increased blood pressure, breathing issues... all of which are exasperated when mixing with other drugs.


Marijuana use during pregnancy can be harmful to your baby’s health. The chemicals in marijuana (in particular, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) pass through your system to your baby and can negatively affect your baby’s development.