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Link to petition page  LifePetitions is a petition platform exclusively serving the pro-life and pro-family communities. Our goal is to bring about concrete change and create a Culture of Life.

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Fertility Awareness Based Methods are left out of women’s viable family planning options in large part because the information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not accurately reflect effectiveness rates for individual FABMs based on the highest quality research. Since many health professionals and medical organizations rely on the CDC for accurate information, it is important that we ask the CDC to update its website with evidence-based data that shows the accurate effectiveness rates of modern FABMs for preventing pregnancy.

Correct information is KEY to helping women make their own informed choices about family planning methods.

That is why we are asking you urgently to sign the petition below. We need 100,000 signatures to convince the CDC to reconsider this crucial issue, and to get them to update their website.

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City Council Citizen Review Board to the Police Take Action List, Hillsborough, Tampa City Council, Petition Feb 25 2021
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