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Other Bills Tracked by Florida Citizens Alliance (Educational and Parental Rights)

Glossary of Terms        
Message:  Communication by one house to the other house concerning action taken on a bill. Each bill, and any amendments to it, is transmitted from one house to the other accompanied by a document (message) that states the action taken on the bill. The term "messages" is also used to describe the unit of the office of the Secretary of the Senate or the Clerk of the House responsible for transmitting bills to the other house.

Governor Signing a Bill:  During Session: The governor must sign or veto legislation within 7 days of transmittal, or it becomes law without his/her signature. Post Session: If the legislative session adjourns sine die or for more than 30 days during the original 7 day deadline, then the governor must sign or veto legislation within 15 days of transmittal, or it becomes law without being signed.  

Temporarily postponed
"Temporarily postponed," "temporarily passed," "temporarily deferred," or "TP'd" refer to the postponing of consideration of a bill or other legislative matter appearing on an agenda or calendar.

An engrossed bill is a bill which has been amended. A bill may be engrossed many times. An enrolled bill, which may or may not have been engrossed, is a bill that has passed both houses of the legislature in identical form and has been converted into an act for presentation to the Governor or Secretary of State.

2021  HOUSE: 120 total  76 Republicans\44 Democrats  SENATE:  40 total 24 Republicans\16 Democrats  

4/26 House Special Order Calendar  

2021 FL State Session Bills

Title (click on link below for more information) Session Year Bill Number click on bill title for more information and action items
2021 Alcoholic Beverage Licenses



Passed House, Passed Senate, Other

4/22/21 waiting to be sent to Governor to sign?
HB 329
SB 148
Senate-Bradley, House- Tomkow ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Tant

4/17/21 HB 329 (Senate adopted House bill) has not reached his desk yet so proactively contact him "Gov. DeSantis please veto SB 148 home deliver of alcohol beverages" governorron.desantis@eog.myflorida.com  or call  (850) 717-9337
Final House Vote 117:1
4/15/2021    House    • Message sent to senate
4/15/2021    Senate    • In returning messages

Promoting Equality of Athletic Opportunity



Passed House, Other

Added to SB 1028 as an amendment... was enrolled!
SB 2012
HB 1475
Senator Stagel, Representative Tuck....

4/28 SB 1028- charter school with sex specific amendment
4/28 Amendment added to SB 1028 Charter Schools-  News article
4/21/2021 Senate - On Committee agenda-- Rules, 04/20/21, 8:30 am, 412 Knott Building --Temporarily Postponed Senate Rules is not scheduled to meet again this session.  
4/20/21 Senate Rules 8:30am  contact Rules in support of this bill Did not get heard today.
4/14/21 SENATE: On Rules committee 4/20/21  Contact Rules to support this bill!   

Parental Rights 2021


HB 241
SB 259

4/22/21 enrolled
4/22/21  Senate Passed 24:15 (Brandes absent) 
4/1/21 House Passed 78:37

Election Administration



Passed House, Passed Senate, Other

4/29/21 Adjourned Sine Die CS/CS/CS/SB 90
SB 90
HB 7041
Senate Baxley, Rep: Ingoglia and Byrd

5/2  Enrolled   CS/CS/CS/SB 90
4/29/21 House Passed 77:40
House on special calendar as CS/CS/CS/SB 90 Election Administration- Ask your Representative to vote yes!
4/26/21 In special session passed 23:17  (Brandes voted no) 

Safety of Religious Institutions



Passed House, Passed Senate, Other

Enrolled Adjourned Sine Die
SB498 HB259
HB 259
Senate: Gruters, House: Williamson and Byrd (CO-SPONSORS)

4/27/21 Enrolled 
4/27 Senate passed 24:16 Party Lines
4/27/21 on special calendar CS/CS/HB 259 Write your Senator to vote yes! 
4/22/21 Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/26/21    Write your Senator to vote yes!  CS/CS/HB 259
4/20/21 Senate Rules Committee 8:30 am 
Favorable by- Rules; YEAS 10 NAYS 6 (Party line vote)
April 19,2021 Mailchimp Alert

STATE BILL- Surrendered Newborn Infants



Passed House, Passed Senate, Other

4/29 in returning messages adjourned sine die
HB 133
SB 122
Senator Baxley, Representatives Harding and Beltran

4/29 in returning messages adjourned sine die bill
4/26/21 Senate passed unanimously ... sent to messages. 

4/22/21 Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/26/21    Write your Senator to vote yes!  
4/19/21 Senate Appropriations; YEAS 20 NAYS 0
4/14/21 Senate: 
ACTION ALERT On Committee agenda-- Appropriations, 04/19/21, 10:00 am, Link to members Ask committee member to vote yes on SB 122
3/30/21 House Referred to Senate Rules 'Message'

Social Media Platforms



Passed Senate
SB 7072
HB 7013

SB 7072 & SB 7074 (public records) 

4/26/21 Senate Passed 22:17:1 3rd reading on special calendar 4/27
4/27//21 House on calendar

4/22/2021  Senate    • Read 2nd time  • Placed on 3rd reading
4/20/2021  House    • Temporarily postponed, on 2nd Reading • Added to Second Reading Calendar
4/20/19 House- Special Order Calendar  (Already passed 3 committees)
4/19/21 Senate- on Appropriations - send email   Passed 10 yeas:9  nays (party lines except Jeff Brandes)
4//15/21 House Last Action: Bill added to Special Order Calendar (4/20/2021)

Abortion Disablility 2021


HB 1221
SB 1664

4/23/21 HOUSE passed 74:44  2 missed 

3/10/21 SENATE introduced (previously assigned to 3 committees) never heard in a committee



Combating Public Disorder



Governor Signs
SB 1
HB 1

4/19/21 Governor Signs Bill
4/16/21  Signed by Officers and presented to Governor- send Governor e-mail asking to sign bill CS/HB 1 Combating Public Disorder
4/15/21 to Messages (see above for definition) 
4/15/2021    Senate  CS passed;   23 Yeas - 17 Nays
4/13/21  Senate Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/14/21

STATE BILL- Restrict Abortions to 20 weeks



Not put on Calendar
HB 351
SB 744
House- Gregory; Senate- Rodriguez

3/2/21 9:21 PM  HOUSE:  Last Event: 1st Reading on Tuesday, Now in Professions & Public Health Subcommittee

3/2/2021    Senate  Introduced -SJ 90

3/23/21 Mailchimp Action Alert

Why isn't this bill a priority?  We have a conservative house, senate and governor yet prolife bills are gathering dust.

Regulation of Medical Marijuana



Not Heard in all Committees, Other

Passed 2 House committees not heard in 3rd, Never heard in Senate Committee
HB 1455
SB 1958
Senator Rodrigues, Representative Roach

April 13th, update stalled in the House needs to be assigned to Health and Human Services committee (third committee); Senate not heard in any committees.  

Representative Roach article- Fight to save the medical marijuana program in Florida- the truth

Senate Judiciary Committee Needs to hear the bill

Action Alert:  House Healthcare Appropriations Subcommittee- Need to get it on the agenda. Email  Representative Avila asking to HB 1455 put on committee agenda.

March 18, 2021  HOUSE: Passed Health Care Appropriations Passed 9:6 ... Now in Health & Human Services Committee   

2020 FL State Session Bills

2020 Florida Family Bills- Summarized (supporting and opposing- 01/22/20)

2020 Florida Family Bills- last week update

Title (click on link below for more information) Session Year Bill #
Medical Use of Marijuana in Schools 2020

Medical Use of Marijuana in Schools; Authorizing a qualified patient to designate more than one caregiver to assist with the qualified patient’s medical use of marijuana under certain circumstances; authorizing a county-designated caregiver to register as a caregiver for more than one qualified patient under certain circumstances; providing a procedure for a parent of a student who is a qualified patient to request that marijuana be administered to the student during the school day; requiring that a caregiver or a county-designated caregiver administering marijuana to the student do so in the area the school principal designates, etc.

Heartbeat Bill 2020
HB 271

Oct 14:  In Health Quality (waiting to be put on the calendar)

Oct 1: General Bill by Hill (CO-SPONSORS) Hage; Sabatini

Abortion- Parental Consent 2020
  • February 20, 2020- passed the House-  Representative Valdez- a Catholic says she is Pro-Life yet voted against this bill.  
  • February 6th, 2020 - passed the Senate   News Article highlighting Senator Stargel
2020 Legislative Updates- Florida Family 2020

Week 9 of Week 9

 ​The final week of session is usually filled with emotional farewells for legislators who are leaving because they are termed out after serving eight years.  The Speaker of the House and the Senate President get to see their portraits unveiled and enter the history of past leaders on the walls of the legislative chambers. 

Previous Session Bills

Title Session Year Bill #
Tobacco Act 21 2019

Tobacco and Nicotine Products; Citing this act as the "Tobacco 21 Act"; preempting the establishment of the minimum age for the sale or delivery of tobacco products, nicotine products, or nicotine dispensing devices to the state; revising the age under which it is unlawful to smoke in, on, or near school property; defining the terms “the minimum age for purchase” and “any person under the minimum age for purchase”; providing that it is unlawful to sell or deliver tobacco products to persons u

HB-482 Prohibit Discrimination (read between the lines) 2019
HB 482

2019 Last Event: Died in Civil Justice Subcommittee on Friday, May 3, 2019 11:59 PM

From Florida Family Policy: Why we oppose- (TALKING POINTS)

Florida's Abortion- (Heartbeat Bill) 2019

IDENTICAL Abortion: Requiring a physician to perform an examination for, and inform a woman obtaining an abortion of the presence of, a detectable fetal heartbeat; requiring the physician to review the results of such examination with the patient before the woman gives informed consent for the abortion procedure; requiring that a woman who declines to review the results certify in writing that she did so of her own free will and without undue influence, etc.

2019 Medical Use of Marijuana 2019

Basically limits daily dose amounts & THC content.  Moved in House but seems to be 'laid' on the table in the Senate.

Locally, Rep. Ben Diamond voted against this bill.

2019 Florida Parental Consent for Abortion 2019

'Compare' Bills-  House:  Reclassifies criminal offense for specified violation; requires physician to obtain notarized written consent of parent or legal guardian before inducing or performing termination of pregnancy of minor; provides exceptions to consent requirement; provides criminal penalties.

4-28-2019  Bill has been stalled - not heard in committee ACTION ALERTS SENT OUT  

2019 Session Summary 2019

2019 Summary Session- Action Alert: 
Link to 2019 Pro-life session results and action information: What happened to Florida’s conservative legislators? 

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