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“Hush” is the result of an unusual team looking honestly at a highly sensitive and controversial topic. To properly handle the subject matter has required more care than transporting nitroglycerin… but an explosion is inevitable.

Since the supreme court’s decision of Roe vs Wade legalized abortion in 1973, “pro-choice” people and “pro-life” people have been arch-enemies. Pure hatred for one another’s viewpoints has reigned even to the point of physical violence towards one another. So when “pro-choice” Director Punam Kumar Gill, “pro-life” Exec. Producer Drew Martin and “neutral” Producer Joses Martin began conversations about the subject of the health effects of abortion on women, we weren’t sure whether such a partnership would be possible.

But we believed that if we could overcome our differences and work together, the outcome would be powerful towards the breaking down of political boundaries. Together we determined to maintain one goal, and only one goal, in the making of this film: to find the truth for the sake of women’s health. To do this, we would have to maintain a posture of honour towards ALL women, forgoing our personal opinions of whether abortion is right or wrong, good or bad. We united for the greater good: to ensure that the best possible care is being given to women.



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It Starts With The Workers Pro-Life/Abortion, Video Abortion Workers
The Marijuana-Opioid Connection Pro-Life/Abortion, Substance Abuse, Video Abortion, Pregnancy, Study, Marijuana, Opioid
Video Physicians

Every Heartbeat Legislative Bill, Pro-Life/Abortion, Video HR 490, National, Ohio, State

On Thursday, February 16, 2017: Congressman Steve King released the stunning Barna poll results on the U.S. House Floor which reveal that seven out of ten in America support HR 490, the federal Heartbeat Bill, to protect every child whose heartbeat can be heard. Click above to watch the video!

All Life Issues, Video

Father Mike Schmidt talks candidly on many life issues. 

Abortion. No Matter What. - The Planned Parenthood Project Pro-Life/Abortion, Video Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood (oxymoron) marketing plan.

Dr. Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes Pro-Life/Abortion, Video Levatino, Congress, TFP student action, Abortion

Go here to help DEFUND Planned Parenthood: Dr. Antony Levatino testifies at a House Judiciary Committee hearing about Planned Parenthood's medical procedures. Planned Parenthood has been under fire after videos were released showing how the mega abortion provider sold fetal tissue to researchers. Dr. Levatino gave this expert testimony in 2015.

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Debunking Planned Parenthood's "3%" Abortion Myth Pro-Life/Abortion, Video Planned Parenthood

This video explains the real numbers behind Planned Parenthood statistics... the link is a short clip.  YouTube for the complete video.

Picture of aborted baby leaves pro-abortion lawmakers speechless Pro-Life/Abortion, Video Lawmakers

Active in the pro-life movement since 1976, Dr. Miller, who teaches theology at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan, held up a photograph of an aborted, dismembered baby during her testimony, telling legislators, “If you’re going to support abortion, you should look at it.” These children were “treated as if they were no more significant than trash,” she said. 

The liberals on the committee, LaTanya Garrett, Brenda Carter, and Cynthia A. Johnson, all Democrats, were hostile toward most of the other pro-life witnesses at the hearing, but sat in silence during and after Dr. Miller’s testimony, seemingly not wanting any part of challenging her. Following her remarks, Miller appeared to get up and hand-deliver copies of the photo to each of the Democratic lawmakers.

Watch live: Trump participates in National Day of Prayer event Articles, Video Religious Freedom, Trump

The 45th president has made religious freedom a priority of his administration, from putting social conservatives like Severino and Vice President Mike Pence in top positions to lifting the Obama administration’s conscience mandate and establishinga White House office tasked with fielding the concerns of religious Americans and monitoring threats as they arise.

Pam Stenzel talks about abortion , sexual transmited diseases , abstination Pro-Life/Abortion, Video teens, Parents, STD, Abstinence National
Young Americans Against Socialism | Viral Videos Exposing Socialism Video Socialism

Our education system is failing to teach our youth about the dangers and historic failures of socialism. Millions of people have been killed under socialism, but young people believe implementation would result in a utopia.

Our education system is failing to teach our youth about the dangers and historic failures of socialism. Millions of people have been killed under socialism, but young people believe implementation would result in a utopia.

10 Ways to Debunk Transgender Ideology & Protect the Family -- FIGHT BACK Video
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