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For Florida’s Unborn Children, the 2021 Legislative Session was Tragically Disappointing

Yet, during the most recent annual Legislative Session, the pro-life-majority Florida Legislature failed to get any anti-abortion legislation to the desk of Governor Ron DeSantis.  As will be explained below, Florida’s failure to enact any abortion restrictions whatsoever is inexcusable, especially because 2021 has been rightfully termed the “Year of the Unborn Baby” due to a record amount of state pro-life legislative activity.



2021 Legislation
Hillsborough State Legislative Contacts

House State Reps

Lawrence McClure

Traci Koster

Jackie Toledo

Dianne Hart

Susan Valdes

Fentrice Driskell

Mike Beltran

Michele Rayner

Andrew Learned







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STATE BILL- Surrendered Newborn Infants
2019 Florida Parental Consent for Abortion Action Alert Resources
2019 Medical Use of Marijuana Marijuana
2019 SB-1774 Parental Consent Senate Article

But Sen. Lori Berman, D-Lantana, said there is no need for the legislation and that it is an attempt to limit abortion rights.

“Has there been any outcry to have this change in law?” Berman asked. “Have you heard from medical people or any people who have said this change is needed, when the system is currently working?”

LET HER HEAR FROM US!  berman.lori@flsenate.gov   (850) 487-5031

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2020 Legislative Updates- Florida Family Florida Family
2022 Religious Institutions Protection Act
Abortion Disablility
Abortion- Heartbeat Bill
Combating Public Disorder
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Fetal and Infant Mortality Reduction 2022 Legislation
Florida's Abortion- (Heartbeat Bill) Abortion, Heartbeat, State, Florida
For the People Act (Anti Election Integrity) Election Integrity
Heartbeat Bill
Heartbeat Bill Texas
Heartbeat Bill- Video

On Thursday, February 16, 2017: Congressman Steve King released the stunning Barna poll results on the U.S. House Floor which reveal that seven out of ten in America support HR 490, the federal Heartbeat Bill, to protect every child whose heartbeat can be heard. Click above to watch the video!

HR 490, National, Ohio, State
HR-490 Heartbeat Bill- FEDERAL
Making Heroes out of Dope Dealers & Stoners

Marijuana trafficking and drug-money laundering are still illegal under federal law. The Heroes act would change that by incorporating a version of the so-called Safe Banking Act (HR 1595) into the legislation.

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Promoting Equality of Athletic Opportunity Page
Regulation of Medical Marijuana
SAFE Banking Act (H.R. 1595/S. 1200) Vaping
STATE BILL- Restrict Abortions to 20 weeks SBA
Tobacco Act 21
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