Regulation of Medical Marijuana

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Senator Rodrigues, Representative Roach
Legislative Category: 
Both House Senate
National or Local: 
Not Heard in all Committees
Outcome other: 
Passed 2 House committees not heard in 3rd, Never heard in Senate Committee
Details and Updates: 

April 13th, update stalled in the House needs to be assigned to Health and Human Services committee (third committee); Senate not heard in any committees.  

Representative Roach article- Fight to save the medical marijuana program in Florida- the truth

Senate Judiciary Committee Needs to hear the bill

Action Alert:  House Healthcare Appropriations Subcommittee- Need to get it on the agenda. Email  Representative Avila asking to HB 1455 put on committee agenda.

March 18, 2021  HOUSE: Passed Health Care Appropriations Passed 9:6 ... Now in Health & Human Services Committee   

March 9th House: Professional and Public Health Subcommittee After a great deal of discussion this bill passed 12-6 party lines

03/05/2021  HOUSE Referred to Professions & Public Health Subcommittee

3/4/2021    Senate  Referred to Judiciary; Appropriations; Rules -SJ 219    

Action Alert:  Link to my letter and Talking Points     Articles on Potency of Marijuana

Regulation of Medical Marijuana: Prohibits qualified physician from engaging in certain advertising; prohibits certain entities & individuals from employing qualified physician or having certain economic interests; authorizes DOH to sample marijuana & marijuana delivery devices; requires recall of marijuana under certain circumstances; prohibits qualified physician from certifying to minor patient marijuana, except for low-THC cannabis; revises supply limits of marijuana; prohibits medical marijuana testing laboratory from having economic interest or financial relationship with MMTC.