2019 Florida Parental Consent for Abortion

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Senate: Stargel (CO-SPONSORS) Bean; Baxley; Harrell, House: Grall etc.
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Both House Senate
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'Compare' Bills-  House:  Reclassifies criminal offense for specified violation; requires physician to obtain notarized written consent of parent or legal guardian before inducing or performing termination of pregnancy of minor; provides exceptions to consent requirement; provides criminal penalties.

4-28-2019  Bill has been stalled - not heard in committee ACTION ALERTS SENT OUT  

4-9-2019  EmbraceLife Action Alert Next Senate meeting Judicial Committee  (not scheduled as of 4/9/19


4-9-2019  But Sen. Lori Berman, D-Lantana, said there is no need for the legislation and that it is an attempt to limit abortion rights.

“Has there been any outcry to have this change in law?” Berman asked. “Have you heard from medical people or any people who have said this change is needed, when the system is currently working?”     LET HER HEAR FROM US!  berman.lori@flsenate.gov   (850) 487-5031

4-9-19 HB 1335 Passed all committees in the House 

4-7-19  Florida Family Action Alert

ACTION ALERT:  The Priority Pro-Life Bill is up in the Senate and House this Monday & Tuesday

SB 1774 & HB 1335

We need all hands-on deck in Tallahassee on Monday and Tuesday at the Capitol inside the committee meetings.  If you can’t come up in person, then please email the legislators on the committees and ask them to VOTE YES on the Parental Consent Before Abortion bill.

Subject: SB-1774 or HB-1335 Parental Consent Abortion SupportSenate Bill:  SB 1774​  Monday, April 8, 2019   12:30pm-3:30pm 412 Knott Building  Senate Health Policy Committee

House Bill:  HB-1335  Tuesday, April 9, 2019  2:00pm-6:00pm  Morris Hall (17 HOB)  House Health & Human Services Committee

TALKING POINTS:  (Florida Family Policy)- Support

  • This bill would protect minors from being subject to an abortion procedure without parental advice and input. It also respects and protects the rights of parents to parent their children free from government interferences. It institutes criminal penalties for doctors who do not obtain prior consent, outside of a medical emergency exception.
  • This bill presents an opportunity for the Florida Supreme Court to see if the high state court was wrong back in 1989 when it struck down the parental consent law based on a right to privacy.
  • Twenty-one stated require parental consent for abortion. Florida currently only requires that a parent be notified of a minor's abortion.
  • Opponents of this bill claim that it is unnecessary because a minor can consent to other medical procedures without parental consent and because the sate supreme court has interpreted the privacy clause to apply to a minor's right to an abortion.  The fact that the Legislature omitted abortion as one of the procedures to which a minor could consent to without parental involvement speaks to the fact that an abortion is vastly different that any other medical procedure because it necessarily involves another life- that of an unborn child. Additionally, a parent's right to raise their child is historically protected in caselaw and should not be subservient to a minor's supposed right to have an abortion.
  • Under current law, a minor can't get her ears pierced, get an aspirin at school, or go on a field trip without a parent's consent. (yet she can get an abortion)
  • Polling shows 73% of Floridians's favor parent consent laws for abortion.