YouTube CENSORED: DOCTORS IN BLACK / PlanDemic   YouTube took it down but click on link for another source.  Cut and Paste 

Below are notes:  

  • Virus was manipulated in a laboratory not naturally occurrence.  Would take up to 800 years to occur but this took less than a decade. What is Fauci's connection to this lab? 
  • Liberal approach to mortality... 
  • Doctor's perplexed by CDC prodigal for Covid-19's diagnosis. 
  • Why skew numbers?  Fear is a great motivator.  You don't die with an infection you die from an infection. Incentive to diagnosis Covid-19... $13,000 from Medicare if goes on a ventilator then $39,000  misguided treatment lead to tremendous amount of harm.
  • Why did Italy get hit so hard?  Very old population sick with inflammatory disorders,  early 2019 untested Influenza vaccine had 4 strains of influence including H1N1. Therefore makes no sense to test. 
  • Why was hydroxylamine (anti malaria medicine) not used?  Fauci pulled.  If not patented then shut down due to won't make money.  
  • Masks... not needed... we need to build up our immune system.... isolation and washing too much harms not helps unless at-risk (elderly or compromised immune system). 
  • Spike in flu after lockdown (house arrest) because people's immune system has not been building up. 
  • Medical professionals oath to do no harm... sadly, don't get published if you don't tow the party line.  
  • Is Fauci a prophet or puppet for predicting this crisis years ago? 



Wednesday, May 6, 2020