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Guidewell Emergency Doctors- Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Monoclonal AntibodyTreatment  Locations Tampa Bay and Orlando (I confirmed this groups performs the infusions). Several hospitals in Florida also give this treatment. Several friends have gone to these clinics... all have said very impressed with the professionalism and treatment success.  Even if you are have had symptoms for 7 or more days the treatment seems to help.  One friend's brother is a doctor and gave the treatment to a patient on a ventilator and quickly helped... patient went home soon afterwards.

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Monoclonal Antibodies, Job Mandates - Expert Answers Questions in New Segment "Ask Dr. Jane"

Excellent short video explains the antibody treatment.
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Regeneron antibody saves lives in some hospitalized Covid patients, study finds

“If they have, there’s no need to give them more. If they haven’t got antibodies of their own, then giving them this combination of two antibodies by an intravenous infusion then actually reduces their chances of dying by a fifth.”

In these so-called seronegative patients, who were infected but who had not mounted their own antibody response, the benefit was dramatic. The addition of the monoclonal antibody cocktail reduced the percentage of patients who died from 30% to 24%. That is a 20% relative reduction. It means that for every 100 patients who were treated with the antibody cocktail, six fewer died.

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment
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