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Do not wait until you have Covid to make a plan.  Use the prevention protocol (this includes finding a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin and other medicines), have an antibody treatment center located... call to verify their policy.

Seems as though the Antibody treatment works even after a week; however if your oxygen level is low most facilities will not administer treatment.


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Tampa and National Providers-PDF Treatment Provider, Medical Resource
FLCCC Alliance

Prevention Protocols
Why Ivermectin
List of Medical Providers
List of Pharmacies

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AAPS Physician List & Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

Treatment Protocols
List of Prevention Protocols
Longterm Protocols

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Americans Frontline Doctors

COVID-19 Treatment Providers Available  
  AFLDA White Paper

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Antibody Testing- CVS Minute Clinic $38

Antibody Testing- This is a finger prick and you get the results before you leave.  

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My Free Doctor

My Free Doctor is a phone app. 
TREATMENT AVAILABLE They have promptly gotten back to me (within 12 yrs).  In the process of getting preventative medictation for my family.

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Push Health

TREATMENT Ivermectin Online Rx

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Budesonideworks- Provider List
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Guidewell Emergency Doctors- Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Monoclonal AntibodyTreatment  Locations Tampa Bay and Orlando (I confirmed this groups performs the infusions). Several hospitals in Florida also give this treatment. Several friends have gone to these clinics... all have said very impressed with the professionalism and treatment success.  Even if you are have had symptoms for 7 or more days the treatment seems to help.  One friend's brother is a doctor and gave the treatment to a patient on a ventilator and quickly helped... patient went home soon afterwards.

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Joe Rogan #1671 - Bret Weinstein & Dr. Pierre Kory

Of all the videos, podcasts and articles I have read/watched this is one of the best. Jun,22,2021

Dr. Pierre Kory is an ICU and lung specialist who is an expert on the use of the drug ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist, visiting fellow at Princeton, host of the DarkHorse podcast, and co-author (with his wife, Heather Heying) of the forthcoming "A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century."

Brett Weinstein- 

  • 350 studies in executive summary... severe side-effects extremely rate.
  • Independent study... consistent positive reproducible ...    Ivermectin early 80% reduction in death and hospitalization!  Every household should have Ivermectin in the cupboard... assume Covid to otherwise it can't hurt (minor and transeunt). One of the safest drugs in history. 
  • Used as a prophylaxis(preventative) reduced...
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Learning4You- Tenpenny

ON-DEMAND & LIVE COURSES - Education Opens YOUR Mind
Welcome to Learning4You, the home of the famous MVI Boot Camp and VaccineU.

You’re in the right place.

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Prevention and Treatment Protocols for COVID-19
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Retire the Pandemic-Provider List

On-line MD in Wisconsin but can service other states. 

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Speak with an MD

The Services We Offer:

At, we have specialists in many different areas. This means that we can offer a wide range of affordable healthcare services to you, the patient.

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Zelenko Prophylaxis Protocol
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Zelenko Treatment Protocol Medical Resource, Zelenko
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