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Coffee and Covid- Jeff Childers

Coffee and Covid daily - Jeff Childers substack - A daily Covid news summary with sarcastically optimistic commentary.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) statistics

Every day, the Australian state of New South Wales reports Covid deaths by age - and vaccination status.

Unlike American figures, these do not depend on inaccurate hospital reporting of vaccination status. They are not manipulated or “age-adjusted.”

They are as close to real time data as exists anywhere in the world. New South Wales even reports whether people under 65 had serious health conditions.

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Covid-19 A Once in a Century Fiasco in the Making

We now live in a polarized society of two types of people. On one hand we have people obediently watching the nightly news who believe what they hear and see on the television. These people are fearful of viruses and want government protection with "security measures" that coincidentally abolish constitutional rights and liberties. For example, the right to work and make a living, and the right to assemble in a house of worship are among many that have been abolished. These "fearful" people are not concerned about the economic consequences of 40 million people collecting unemployment payments. Or the soon to be millions living out of cardboard boxes on the sidewalk because they can not pay their rent.

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Drug overdoses killed twice as many people in San Francisco last year than COVID, with 2021 on track to be worse

San Francisco, California, is in the midst of a drug overdose epidemic that killed more residents last year than the coronavirus and is on pace to be even worse in 2021.

More than 700 San Franciscans died from drug overdoses last year, compared to 300 deaths as a result of coronavirus infections, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday.

Chief medical examiner data shows that overdose fatalities in San Francisco started skyrocketing in 2019, which is the same time that large amounts of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, were unleashed on the streets.

“We anticipated mortality to go up because that is exactly what’s happened everywhere that fentanyl has settled...

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Exposing the Ignorance and Evil Behind the “Pandemic” with Alex Berenson

In an episode that Big Tech would find unthinkable, Charlie is joined by Alex Berenson—a man considered by many on the left, especially in Silicon Valley, to be very, very dangerous. He’s the author of the new book, a truly groundbreaking account of the last two years, “Pandemia,” and he authoritatively lays out the facts behind vaccines, lockdowns, COVID, Fauci, Lockdowns, and so much more. He and Charlie also walk through the inherent danger of Marijuana use, despite the incomprehensible unpopularity of that criticism among the New Right. This is a Thought-Crime-filled episode that the Masters of Menlo Park will never let use share across Social Media. Share this with your friends, family, and anyone you know who deserves the truth about what this virus did to our world.  Link to Notes from Interview

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