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36 Hour Day

Excellent Book... to help you better understand the disease of dementia and what is facing the family.   "The most trusted guide for caring for persons with Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, and dementia disorders-now revised and updated with practical and legal advice and compassionate guidance for families and caregivers."

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Angels in the Water Book
Densie Mountenay Book, Speaker, PLC
Faithful MD

I am the wife of a pilot-turned-preacher and the happy mom of three terrific children. My life was transformed years ago through a heartfelt prayer. Since then, my work as a family doctor turned into a ministry as I learned to care for people from the heart. I strive to care for the soul and minister to the spirit while treating the body.

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Lacy Buchanan

Mother with a precious special needs son share her life.

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The Porn Trap

The book that made me face the fact that I had a problem was The Porn Trap.

I discovered it while on retreat at an Ignatian Spiritual Retreat and spent the whole retreat reading the book.

From there I took the step recommended by the book to join a program, specifically Sex Addicts Anonymous which is a 12 step program. I joined them because they have regular online meetings every evening and where I lived was far from a physical meeting.

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Tuggie The Patriot Pup

“Tuggie, the Colonial Yorkshire Terrier, is an irresistible main character in this charming and realistic account inspired by America’s past. He is brave, honest, and a true patriot, as well as adorable. Tuggie, his friends, and their world will captivate readers from the moment they first encounter him at the Burning of the Gaspee in 1772, an event that took place in colonial Rhode Island and that led up to the Revolutionary War. Teachers and parents will appreciate how Tuggie and his ancestors’ adventures make United States history come alive for students of all ages.”

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