You're being scammed by enemies of America who occupy powerful positions in government and the media. November 2020 is the way we, the people, can fight back. Know your enemy. Ditch the masks. Rise. #Covid911

2015 Deep State Obama gave 3.7 Million dollars to Wuhan Lab; Coordinated as soon as last attempt to impeach Trump failed, Biden continues to hide, next pandemic mail in voting , numbers artificially inflated... defy guidelines NY, CA, NY , MI... moved elderly back to nursing homes to increase death numbers while hospitals were empty, going to church banned, depression became the new pandemic, mysterious murder of George Floyd (two men who once knew each other....), next chapter,,, create civil unrest... BLM Democrat social weapon using people. ... called in Antifa give a pass by Democrat leaders who refused to protect local citizens, terrorize citizens, Shift propose bill, pandemic provide cover for Obama's collated for framing Flynn... 

Saturday, June 27, 2020