Another Doctor speaks out-- Mari Barke


What if the experts are wrong, what if quarantined doesn't save lives, what if mask isn't affect...

Never in the history of this great republic have we

  • quarantined the healthy;
  • illegal to exercise your first amendment right for freedom of religion yet pot dispensers stay open
  • told can't go to church caused it is not essential yet abortions are essential businesses
  • let criminals out of jail yet can't purchase a fire arm exercise your second amendment
  • liquor stores are essential yet your businesses are not essential
  • US constitution was designed to restrain the government not the people
  • This is not NY nor San Francisco.. 
  • fatality rate of virus is in the range of the typical influenza... get over by achieving herd immunity can't be achieved by staying quarantined.
  • increase in unemployment= increase in child abuse, suicide...
  • more dependant on the government which causes a more tyrannical government.. we want to get back to work
Thursday, May 7, 2020