What is your mission?

This morning at church the cantor lead us in the response song.  It occured to me what if no one responded then it would be a solo.  That isn't what church is about. Being a part of a community means supporting our friends or as I try to think our extended family. Frankly, I am very thankful for the many talented and skilled people that surround me but I am especially thankful that many who do some of the things I don't particular like to do.  And, that I am able to support them in  their mission.  They work hard to do their part of God's Will and their mission in life and to what God has called them to do.   When other people coordinate and prepare the ground work it makes it easy for me (and hopefully many others) to help them yet allow me to stay focused on God's plan for me.  This is why when the cantor leads it is easy to follow... she has spend many hours practicing and perfecting the song... I just have to repeat what she sings.  My plan is to do the ground work for Life legislation and for voter's guides.... all you have to do is click & send, make a quick phone call or cast a vote.  Working together we can make our voices heard... literally and figuratively. Please take a few minutes to speak up, speak out and make our voices heard throughout Florida and our nation.  God doesn't ask us to be silent but to be his disciples speak the TRUTH.