Sovereign Nations

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The purpose of Sovereign Nations is best understood as a prolegomenon to the formation of a new, and not just sentimental, conservative and Constitutional Republic. Sovereign Nations serves as an exploration of the intellectual viability of the conservative political habitat, with a view to establishing the groundwork for the construction and elaboration of a broader and more comprehensive vision for the movement in relation to the exegetical intent of our founders through our national founding documents.

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Notes from presentation June 2021

  • Analyog- physical objective we are transitioning to digital subjective world
  • Public square is not a 10 x 5 screen
  • CRT- tears down all systems, CRT is not the goal, Internationality is the goal... data is the new gold
  • Different subjectivity has different truths- 'your' lived experience, different truths have different laws, but there is ONLY ONE TRUTH