Federal vaccine court hasn’t helped those whose lives were altered by COVID-19

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Angela Marie Wulbrecht jumped at the first chance to get a COVID-19 vaccine, driving three hours from her home in Santa Rosa to a mass-vaccination site on Jan. 19. Twelve minutes after her Moderna shot, she stumbled into the paramedic tent with soaring blood pressure and a racing heartbeat.

Federal Bills

Title Session Year
Equality Act 2021

Due to the number of co-sponsors might be able to voted on house floor without going through committee process!

Here are some key points you can make about HR 5, the Equality Act, when you call your member of Congress:

Build Back Better (3.5 Trillion Dollar Tax) 2021
HR 5376

Heritage Action- Talking Points and Take Action Opportunities

Heritage Action has excellent background info, talking points and take action opportunities.   Call daily put add them to  your priority contact list... make them work for your tax money and make them listen.  For more talking points and details  see Heritage Link.

Link to Florida Congressional Members

For the People Act (Anti Election Integrity) 2021
HR 1

Listen to Mark Robinson speak out against HR 1.