Tobacco Act 21

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Simmons (CO-INTRODUCERS) Cruz,Mayfield,Broxson House: Toledo, Duran
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Both House Senate
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Tobacco and Nicotine Products; Citing this act as the "Tobacco 21 Act"; preempting the establishment of the minimum age for the sale or delivery of tobacco products, nicotine products, or nicotine dispensing devices to the state; revising the age under which it is unlawful to smoke in, on, or near school property; defining the terms “the minimum age for purchase” and “any person under the minimum age for purchase”; providing that it is unlawful to sell or deliver tobacco products to persons under the minimum age for purchase, etc.

5/01  Slightly different bills in House and Senate... Senate passed.  Sent out an alert asking Speaker Oliva to have it heard and voted on...

4/30  Senate Vote   (33 6)