Notes on Agenda 21

Rosa Koire

  • Post Sustainability Institute….
  • UN Agenda 21
    • Action plan/blueprint signed on by 198 nations plus the pope… plan to inventory and control all land, water, energy, education… human beings.  Data sharing, transferring money… destroy your ability to have representative government… destroying your ability to be free… goal to transfer power from local to global … a long process.  Plan to disrupt and destroy.
    • Has been around for some time … UN 2030 agenda which many celebrities have supported
    • Difference 21 is for 21st century 2030 is a milestone within Agenda 21.
    • ford/Rockefeller foundation project  - 11 mega regions not states – regions governed by mega cities no city, state border exists.  Global plan implemented locally… called different things in each locality. 
    • “Green, New….”  Packaged around climate, environmental issues
    • Sustainable develop is Agenda 21… Global crisis requires a global response… climate change  but even better global virus… fear… fear that you won’t survive. 
  • World economic forum- “we need great reset”  since 2020 excelled their agenda… ‘behind the green mask”  … they have been refining this for years.   Far less concerned about us and our objection… this is a message to us… we are not of concern… maybe we are at the point that there isn’t much we can do.  Yet technology has caught up to them … 1) to live forever 2) to create life… two things man has always wanted.  Nothing is stopping them now. 
  • ? Corona and civil unrest… organized effort to overthrow the constitution and US.  … real effort for many years to have a constitutional convention (need 38 states under the guise of looking at a couple of issues but once meeting could be a pandora’s box) 
  • Globalist know no party… plan is to destroy social fabric of the world. A true target… dangerous situation … supported by universities, civil society, foundations, businesses, public sector agencies… indoctrinated in education for years.
  • Mega corporations throwing support behind situation unfolding --- police department defunding and disarmed…
  • Floyd’s family petitions UN to disarm police in the US although Floyd was not shot by the police
  • Institutional racism is an excuse … break down personality
  • What is their plan and alternative to the police…. Community oriented policing … you are responsible for reporting… transforming new model of public safety… transformative is an Agenda 21 term… breaking down the individual and any ‘old’ connections… families, friends… breaks down then builds back up… destroy minds used by Nazi and Mai. 
  • Mexico run by the cartels… let el chapo’s son go… cartels more power than the government but in us have to change police…
  • Police force directed by non-humans…. Cameras… 1) dismantle existing force 2) replace with something quite different.    AI police- robots… Singapore using to enforce social distancing. 
  • Transitioning into new digitalized system… Eisenhower warned of this science dictatorship.  Merging man with machine … anti human agenda. 
  • Depopulation aspect:  de facto marshal law everyone is the enemy which is what has happened with covid 19-  lost your trust for anyone… breakdown society and mental health.  Health is a vital part of the plan… collecting DNA is essential part of the plan… Eugenics
  • How china is using the AI technology… sperm count down, women children later
  • 17 sustainable goals… very Chinese model... but not just their plan but certainly part of it…
  • Working on a depopulation ‘vaccine agreed to work on with the US back in the 90’s
  • Reaching out to the urban where can be surveilled.   
  • Buildings, smart cities important to this plan… take your freedom totally aware from you.. depopulation … climate change all about ‘you are using to much water, land….’  This plan is out there now. 
  • 2020 key year to implementation of this plan

Possible solutions:

What success have you had?

  1. Awareness
  2. Action

We are being conditioned to be passive… click away is being an activist but if you aren’t leaving your house you are not being politically active.   Do you know where your city council meets?  County commission?  

Occupy your government. to and be a part of your government.  Know Agenda 21, recognize it.  If you know what to look for probably every agenda is full of agenda 21 goals. 

Flyers, mailers, videos decide your action…. Take action.  Knowing without doing something is not enough at this time. 

What are you doing?  Are you part of this plan?  Talk about this everywhere…. Don’t use Wikipedia as your resource.  It is in your town!!

What about the sales tax voted on last year?  Sounds like Agenda 21.