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RINO- Republican in Name Only (not conservatives)

Republican Primary voter turn out is historically low. 

This is how the Establishment RINOs win. They micro target the “Republican Super Voters” who reliably vote in every Primary. By making those specific voter contacts, the Establishment retains control of most elected offices. 

Constitutional conservatives need to get their game on and know how to play.

Stemberger, Florida FamilyAction
2022 Candidate, District 13, Luna

Just say no!  

In early 2020, Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer), echoed near exact claims she has made about her political opponents and other women interested in her on/off again husband Andy Gamberzky over the years. Just say no to this Lunatic!

2022 Candidate, District 13, Luna

Anna Paulina Luna, whose real last name is Mayerhofer, has a clear and documented history of telling tall tales or just flat out lying.

Pedicini, 2022 Candidate

Anthony Pedicini - Trojan Horse?   (click on website title for more information)

How good is Republican political consultant Anthony Pedicini at what he does? Pedicini’s track record of winning Republican primaries has earned him a reputation-----a reputation for dirty politics (Google him). 

But just how reliable is he during General Elections when it’s down to one Republican and one Democrat? 

A quick analysis of his performance shows when it comes to General Elections - when Republicans really need to win - Anthony Pedicini has lost more races than he’s won.  

Catholic Vote, Party Platform
Healthy Freedom
Catholic Vote, pro-life

The focus of pro-life advocacy should always be on the fact that the unborn child is a human being, with a moral status equal to a born child, and not on distractions about social policy, sexual ethics, or other rights claims that overlook this biological reality.



2022 Candidate, Toledo

Signed by Governor into law

2022 Candidate, Toledo

“Protecting LGBT people from discrimination is a bipartisan issue,” Tampa Republican Rep. Jackie Toledo said when she filed the House bill in the fall. “This commonsense legislation is pro-business and would boost Florida’s economy.”

Toledo is one of 46 sponsors of the House bill (HB 161). And she is one of 10 Republicans supporting the measure.


For more than 20 years, Eleanor McCullen has taken time every week to stand outside a Planned Parenthood clinic and offer help to women in crisis pregnancies. 

At the age of 85, McCullen says she has been a part of saving the lives of about 300 babies from abortion. She adds that it’s not about numbers, but rather about helping women and their babies. 

The first question she asks women outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, McCullen says, is: “What can I do to help you?”

2022 Candidate, Marijuana

Why do Florida state legislators ALWAYS choose out of state businesses over Florida businesses? MONEY  

Out of state businesses donate millions to Florida legislators’ PACs to drive Florida owned businesses into the ground. It comes down to greed.

In 2015, I met with then Florida House Representative Dan Raulerson, Plant City and asked him not to support the Economic Incentive Initiative being debated in Tally. The proposal was to use Florida tax money or tax credits to entice businesses like Johnson & Johnson to move to Florida. However, it would also be used to entice businesses in direct competition with my small family owned construction company. 

2022 Candidate, Toledo

2019 Last Event: Died in Civil Justice Subcommittee on Friday, May 3, 2019 11:59 PM

From Florida Family Policy: Why we oppose- (TALKING POINTS)

2022 Candidate, Toledo

OPPOSE: HB 161, Prohibited Discrimination, by Toledo (Prime-Cosponsor, Webb) /SB 206 by Rouson: This bill prohibits “discrimination” based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public lodging establishments and public food service establishments. It revises provisions of Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992 and the Fair Housing Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill also purports to provide an exception for constitutionally protected free exercise of religion.

2022 Candidate, Dennis Ross
Rigged, Zucker, Election Fraud

Watch the movie "Rigged"  to better understand where and how the 400,000 million dollars were spent.

2022 Candidate, Toledo, Pedicini

Pedicini is known for his slashing negative campaigns, often using anonymous or shell political committees to produce factually distorted attack mailers and advertising, and relishes his role as a political bad boy.

Heritage, CRT Articles

Public school curricula have never been ideologically neutral. But with the advent of CRT, any attempt to maintain even a semblance of neutrality on controversial topics like race, sex, or gender has been abandoned.

Especially in these circumstances, therefore, the fact that public schools enjoy a monopoly on public educational funding is profoundly unjust, a violation of the fundamental right of parents to direct the education of their children.