Volunteer Opportunities

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Please review the volunteer opportunities and select the ones you would like to participate in making a difference in our community.

1. Mayor Email Campaign Monthly – Through the Patriots scribes we will keep the mayor informed via emails of the issues our organization see to be addressed.

2. City Council Awareness Patriots will have a council team to speak at council meetings to address issues and raise awareness to our city’s challenges.

3. County Commission Accountability Team- Patriots will have a commission team to speak at meetings to address issues and raise awareness to our county's challenges.

4. School Board Team- Bring important community issues to the school board, make sure all issues brought before the school board have Patriot input.

5.Emergency Response Team – Non-Violent and set up to counter protest anytime our city is under siege from those who seek to destroy it.

6. Alert and Assist Program – Patriots use three apps for real time communication, disaster assistance, location and alert of disobedience.

7. Paint Tampa Patriotic- Art done on buildings and streets to show Tampa is the most patriotic city in the United States.

8. Community Partnerships – A team of Patriots meets with minority neighborhoods to share resources creating opportunities. Opportunity=Unity

9. Voter Registration – Our Patriotic duty is to vote to always preserve the Constitution of the United States.

10. Voter Integrity- Help to insure all votes are valid in our county and state. 

11. National development – Tampa is the first chapter and we look forward to creating many chapters across the United States.

12. Patriot Promise (for the youth) – Providing new avenues for minority youth through local government, patriots, and patriot businesses to change lives.

13. Patriot Clubs (High school) – A Patriotic organization to ensure the youth learn the most important part of our nation’s history.

14. Flag Waving and Car Rally Events

15. Marketing Team

Please select volunteer opportunities you are interested: