11 2020 City Council Action Alert

Procedure for City Council Meetings- Comment options- In-person, speak remotely, send email, submit online comments  (registration to speak remotely and online comments deadline is 24hrs prior to meeting)


Revising Citizen Review Board   (2015 established to scrutinize the police activity) more info coming

11/19/20  Link to speakers at City Council Meeting

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Summary for concerned people to send to City Council:
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Dear Tampa City Council Member,

In reference to reforming the Citizen Review Board on the agenda 11/18.  I do not want Tampa to be the next Miami.  The homicide rate is up 29% and aggravated burglary has increased 20% this year.  In my opinion, the proposed plan which is similar to Miami's is undermining the hard work of the police department.

Police need to feel confident in their instructional training, experience, and capabilities to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Our police are one of the most valuable yet underappreciated resources in our community.  We must support them not undermine their efforts to keep our community safe.

I strongly support Mayor Castor’s recommendation. Her career and understanding of the issues make her expertise indisputable. 


Background information:


It has been brought to my attention that tomorrow’s city council meeting is proposing revamping the police Citizens Review Board established in 2015 to include allowing the changes:  

  1. City council to appoint all the community members (very liberal council),
    1. Community members with no law enforcement experience and whose only expertise may be from watching TV shows like Bad Boys, the Following or NYPD BLUE.
    2. Already if an officer has a complaint filed whether legitimate or not 3 agencies must review. (If found to be falsified the plaintiff receives no reprimanding.)
    3.  Currently- Mayor appoints 5, city council appoints 5 and NAACP appoints 1
  2. subpoena power,
    1. citizens having subpoena power
    2. Currently violates existing law and would undermine the legal system
    3. Miami has succumb to this form of oversight committee … we do not want to be the next Miami the homicide rate is up 29% and aggrieved burglary up 20%
  3. and independent investigator and attorneys
    1. Where is the money going to come from for these additional and unnecessary people? Which budget is going to suffer?  Are we going to be taxed?
    2. Currently board cannot investigate open cases… this is only common sense.



My talking points:

Hello, it is good to see everyone again.  I’m usually here speaking about drug abuse prevention but today I am here to speak on a different type of prevention that is preventing the demoralization of our police force in Tampa.

With respect to the proposed revision of the Citizens Review Board

#1- Allowing the city council to be the sole determining factor of who sits on the board will lead to extreme biased outcomes and will unfairly misrepresent our community.  If allowed this will put the integrity of the board in jeopardy by potentially relying on people who get most of their information about police procedures from watching Bad Boys, Law and Order, or Miami Vice.  This is equivalent to permitting a student to be principal of a school.  They don’t have the education, knowledge or experience to do the job. In addition, excluding experienced officers who have a deep understanding of this issues brought before the board is truly irrational.

#2 Giving citizens to have subpoena rights undermines the legal system and is not essential to justice especially given the fact that complaints against officers are already brought before several boards. Sadly, there is no repercussion for false allegations which should be addressed in the future.

#3 Allowing an independent and unnecessary investigator and attorneys requires significant additional funding.  Where is the money going to come from? Which budget is going to suffer?  Are we going to be taxed?

If this board is a sham as some advocate groups have stated,  then maybe we should do away with it but certainly not give it greater powers.

Our city cannot afford to have our dedicated men and women on the police force ‘retire’ early or quit because of lack of support from some elected officials.  This is comprising the police force.

‘Advocate’ groups that assert they care about the safety in our community. Clearly, they don’t care about me or my family’s safety otherwise they would not be advocating for these changes. These groups are destabilizing our police force by undermining the training, experience, and diligence of these committed officers.

In this time of uncertainty we have been told we are safe only if we stay at home and wear a mask; however, there is one thing I am very certain of, that I can trust the police, my life, my family’s lives and every family in Tampa depends on this trust every day.  Tampa will continue to be a safe, vibrant city only if the police are allowed to do their job.  Infusing a sense of apprehension and doubt in our police force goes against everything they have been trained to do which is to protect every person in Tampa. 

I support Mayor Castor’s recommended  and you should too.

DEFUNDING Talking Points for the future:

Cities that have decreased funding have seen:

  • An increase in crime specifically homicides and aggravated assaults.
  • Commercial burglary i.e. looting and property damage has spike over 200% since May
  • Minneapolis has realized their mistake and is increasing funding
  • Officers are retiring early or quitting the force in many of these cities without enough fellow police to 'have their backs.'

Choose a point or make one even better: 

  • Don't make the same mistake these cities have made. 
  • Our police deserve a raise not a cut in funding.
  • Keep Tampa Safe- Fund our Police. 
  • Everyday they walk out the door they face the unexpected and unknown and all to keep our city safe. 
  • A vote to decrease any police funding is a vote to make Tampa unsafe not just for locals but for tourist too.
  • With the Super Bowl in a few months we want Tampa to be a welcoming atmosphere.  People shouldn't fear walking downtown or in neighborhoods which is what decreasing funds would do.